In honor of our hero, Brian, we present Based Brians: a collection of 3,333 uniquely generated digital Brians. These distinctive creations serve as a heartfelt homage to Brian, showcasing the innovative spirit he embodies. As the premier Crypto Punk derivative on Base, Based Brians not only celebrate his legacy but also mark a new era with BB404 in the world of digital collectibles.

Based Brians is the first ERC-404 contract that allows NFT holders to swap for the NFT art they really want, collector style. With most 404s, many of the NFT counterparts go unclaimed due to fractional token holders or pool liquidity issues, causing the corresponding NFTs to be burned. BB404 efficiently solves this problem, allowing NFT holders to swap their art via the new 404 standard.

When you acquire 1 cap, you're unlocking much more than a unique NFT – you become a true Brian in our vibrant community. It's not just about owning a Based Brian; it's about embracing an identity and becoming a part of something bigger. This is the Brianverse, a place where creativity, fellowship, and the spirit of Brian unite us all. WE ARE BRIAN!

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